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Students obtain hands-on experience through internships, field studies, experienced faculty, and frequent interaction with industry experts.

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Upcoming Events

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Allison Toupin is a Revenue Advisor for Marriott International Corporate.

Allison leads revenue management strategy for Marriott select service brands in Southeast America, focusing on market trends, consumer indices, and revenue management system accuracy + impact.

"The HTM department allowed me to realize the importance of building a professional network early on. During my time at Virginia Tech I developed relationships with executives in the industry that have only grown stronger since. The program provided a strong foundation to build my career from, and I am proud to continue my growth as a HTM Hokie alumna."

Chris Zobel, Professor, Pamplin College of Business, Business Information Technology

Matt Cobabe speaks at the Inaugural Accounting Research Conference
Ashley Baboota is the digital marketing guru and Marketing Project Manager at Interstate Hotels and Resorts in Crystal City, Virginia.

Ashley helps hotel sales and marketing teams for this global leader in hotel investment, development, and operations create and manage digital tools to find new revenue opportunities, generate leads, and build on guest relationships.

"I know we always like to brag about how we’re part of the Pamplin School of Business, but I never realized how important that was until my first day on the job. I had a level of confidence with myself which I gained through classroom content such as reading financial statements, analyzing STR reports, and understanding the operational functions of a hotel environment. These attributes allowed my career to jump ahead of the competition.  I also learned quickly that the HTM community is VERY well connected… it’s like tapping into a gold mine."

Matt Cobabe speaks at the Inaugural Accounting Research Conference
Ben Burge works as a sales analyst for Mumford Company, a hotel investment firm located in the Virginia Beach area.

As an HTM transfer student, Ben Burge discovered a love for hospitality finance that he never knew he had. Ben works as a sales analyst for Mumford Company, a hotel investment firm located in the Virginia Beach area. During his years in HTM, he was the HTM Undergraduate Curriculum Committee student representative as well as a member of Eta Sigma Delta, the hospitality honors society. Ben has already given back to HTM through his sponsorship of a scholarship in 2016. He also returned to campus to sit on an alumni panel to share his experiences with current HTM students.

"The best part of my experience at VT was the genuine care and dedication the faculty has for the students. If you show you are driven and want to excel, they will look out for you. I got hired at Mumford Company not only because of choosing a finance based curriculum, but also because I took advantage of department supported networking opportunities such as attending the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference in Atlanta."