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TJ Pierri

The hospitality industry can take you anywhere in the world. This is something TJ Pierri is extremely aware of! He began his career working in his family’s collection of restaurants in upstate New York. He then moved into managing luxury resorts and large hotel properties all around the United States, including in South Carolina, Colorado, Florida and California. Currently, TJ is the General Manager at Noble House Hotels and Resorts’ Pelican Grand Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He previously managed Noble House’s Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel in San Francisco. In addition to serving on the Feiertag HTM Advisory Board, TJ also serves on the Broward County Tourism Coalition Council in Fort Lauderdale.

As an HTM Master’s grad, TJ says “The best part of Virginia Tech for me was the feeling of home. I bleed orange and maroon! I was both a brother and later, an advisor, for my fraternity Sigma Pi and cheered during my time at VT. But I cannot forget the outstanding faculty in Pamplin that helped me achieve what I have today. The professors actually cared about my success in life and wanted to help me get there. They presented me with challenges to build my skill set and provided their expertise in the industry. The biggest part I’ve learned in the industry is the ability to be flexible and open to change. Especially now, in the time of Covid-19, the key to success is adaptation and perseverance!”