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Field Study

Without exception, our industry partners agree that the HTM Field Study Program is a key piece of what sets our students apart! The goal of the HTM Field Study Program is to develop student hospitality management knowledge and capabilities through an approved, supervised professional experience. Field Studies allow students the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, to observe real time management practices, and to implement the concepts and methodologies learned through their other coursework.

HTM 4964 is designed to gain supervisory experience or placement in management training positions; this course requires a series of assignments plus 400 hours of supervised work experience. These positions may be rotational or concentrated in one area; paid or unpaid.

HTM 4964 Requirements

Students must complete a series of assignments and 400 hours of supervised industry experience and management training.

4964 General Information and Guidelines.pdf

Course prerequisites include:

  • 300 hours of verified HTM industry professional experience, post high school.
  • Completed two of the following classes: HTM 3414, HTM 3444, HTM 3524
  • Minimum Virginia Tech GPA of 2.0

To enroll in the class, students must first download and complete (below) "HTM 4964 Field Study Agreement" and "Employment Verification Form", get your supervisor’s signature, and turn in for approval by the HTM field study coordinator.

Students frequently take more than one semester to complete their field study.  Two very important points: (1) Students only register for the class once – essentially, they will receive an incomplete grade in the class which is changed once the assignments are completed. (2) The specific assignments and requirements of the field study program can vary from one semester to the next.

HTM 4964 Field Study Agreement.pdf
4964 Employment Verification Form.pdf