MSBA in HTM in the National Capital Region

The MSBA program is a professional degree designed to either help students advance their professional career in HTM or as an important step towards a pursuing a Ph.D. and a subsequent academic career. The MSBA focuses on three areas: Hospitality and Tourism Analytics and Revenue Management, International Hospitality and Tourism Strategy, and Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism Management. The program accepts students year-round and is designed to allow students to pursue the MSBA or more specialized certifications in each of these focal areas. Many of the MSBA courses are taught by seasoned industry professionals with a strong focus on professional practice and case studies.

Coursework for the MSBA Degree: The MS degree program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of study at the graduate level (with the exception that up to 6 hours of coursework at the 4000 level may be included).

  1. 15 credit hours of MSBA business core classes: ACIS 5104 Fundamentals of Accounting; BIT 5724 Managerial Statistics; FIN 5024 Principles of Finance; MGT 5314 Dynamics of Organizational Behavior; and MKTG 5104 Marketing Policy and Strategy
  2. 15 Hours of specialization selected from the following three HTM areas. Students may also opt to take additional hours in order to complete all three cognate areas. HTM courses should constitute at least 50% (three courses) of the concentration hours.
    • Hospitality and Tourism Business Analytics and Revenue Management (Summer) 9 hours (100% online)
      • Required:
        • HTM 5574 Revenue Management for Hospitality Services
        • MGT 5804 Strategic Leadership in Technology -based Organizations
        • BIT 5594 Web Applications and E-Commerce
    • International Hospitality and Tourism Strategy (Fall) 9 hours
      • Required:
        • HTM 5534 Strategic Management and Competitive Strategy in the Hospitality Industry
        • HTM 5024 International Service Management
      • Choose a third from the following:
        • MGT 5784 International Management
        • MKTG 5704 International Marketing Strategy
    • Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Spring) 9 hours
      • Required:
        • MGT 5814 Entrepreneurial Leadership
      • Choose two of the following:
        • HTM 5424 Human Resource Management
        • HTM 5464 Franchising in Hospitality Management
        • HTM 5444 Financial Management in the Hospitality Service Industries

For more information, contact Dr. Mahmood Khan, Program Director, MSBA at, or 703-538-8486.