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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith (HTM 2012) is Vice President at Mumford Company, a hotel brokerage firm. Andrew spends his days helping hotel buyers and sellers make smart investment decisions - something becoming more and more important these days. Andrew also embodies “Ut Prosim,” returning to campus to sit on alumni panels, visit classes, and serve on the Pamplin Recent Alumni Board. He and his wife, Anna, have also given back to the HTM department by sponsoring a scholarship.

According to Andrew, “The best part of my experience at Virginia Tech was the relationship I formed with HTM Professor of Practice Rick Parsons. He was my HTM advisor and professor for hospitality finance. Mr. Parsons utilized his relationship with HTM Advisory Board member David Mumford and put me in touch with the company. He also helped me navigate negotiating an offer from Mumford Company, and has continued to provide his experience and expertise. The HTM department has many great professors and advisors, and I encourage students to seek out their wisdom and learn as much as they can. Rick has played a key role in my career path, and I hope every student has a similar experience.”