Dr. Yusi Ding, faculty from Beijing Union University, is returning to the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at Virginia Tech after a two-year hiatus. Dr. Ding’s research focus revolves around “smart” tourism, big data analysis, and customer behavior. She is continuing her research with Dr. Phil Xiang, analyzing online reviews for hospitality organizations based in China, and extending her research engagement with Dr. Xiang and PhD student Jonilda Bahja on social media analysis.

Dr. Ding teaches revenue management and service management at Beijing Union. She hails from the Central South University in Changsha, Hunan Province in China, where she attained her Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering.

When Dr. Ding is not engaged in research, she spends her time raising her 5-year old daughter, Yosa. They are enjoying being back in Blacksburg, playing piano, dancing, and painting for Yosa.

Dr. Ding welcomes the opportunity for students and faculty to reach out to her to discuss her research. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Ding directly at her campus email address: YusiD@VT.edu.